Christopher Nolan’s upcoming atomic bomb film seeks studio

Which studio will have the privilege of producing Christopher Nolan’s next film? The director of Tenet would indeed be in negotiations with all-Hollywood for his future feature film devoted to the development of the atomic bomb.

Since Insomnia in 2002, Christopher Nolan remained loyal to Warner Bros., which remained his “home” until the studio’s controversial announcement that it wanted to simultaneously release its films in theaters and on its streaming service, HBO Max. Insults erupted from the director ofInception, who has thus qualified the platform as ” worst streaming service » !

A bomb at the box office

If the studio has watered its wine since, something has broken in the relationship with Nolan who would now negotiate with other majors for his next film. Sony, Universal and Paramount are of course interested, because obviously everyone would love to produce the director’s next creation, even if their budgets keep swelling. Tenet, released in the midst of a pandemic, had realized best start last year : his films are therefore always eagerly awaited and they pay off.

More surprisingly, streaming platforms could also be part of the negotiations. But they have to commit to releasing the film in theaters first, as Netflix does for its high-profile productions (Roma Where The Irishman were entitled to a theatrical release).

As for the story of this next feature film, it is known. Christopher Nolan wants to make a film about the development of the atomic bomb, following J. Robert Oppenheimer who directed the famous “Manhattan Project” during the Second World War. Development is still in its early stages, there is no script at the moment even though actor Cillian Murphy would already be part of the cast.

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