Fusion, an electric bike for self-service and long-term rental

Smoove and Zoov, two French companies specializing in urban mobility, will take advantage of the sounding board of European Mobility Week 2021 to unveil their new Fusion electric bike.

It is on Friday September 17th that Smoove and Zoov will officially present Fusion, an electrically assisted bicycle that seeks to redefine the self-service and long-term rental sectors. A day that is not chosen at random since this curtain raiser will take place during the 5th edition of the Parlons Vélo forum, organized as part of European Mobility Week 2021.

A bike for all models of urban mobility

Fusion is the first self-service electric bicycle that the user can privatize over a long period of time. It is up to him to choose the way in which he wants to use the vehicle in the application, which makes it possible to locate the bike, to reserve it, to unlock it. Anti-theft technology is integrated.

Technically speaking, the Fusion can go up to 25 km / h, and its maximum range is 65 kilometers. The tires of the bike are reinforced with 26 inch wheels with tread to roll even on cobbles, an adjustable ergonomic saddle, Shimano disc brakes.

The ambition of the two French companies is to bring together the advantages of a personal bicycle with the specific requirements of a sharing service. The Fusion will be offered to cities and mobility operators. ” In order to meet the needs of new cyclists, the self-service bicycle and long-term rental will allow a part of the population who cannot afford a personal bicycle to get in the saddle. », Explains Amira Haberah, co-founder of Zoov.

« The price being the first obstacle to the purchase of a bike or who wish to test before committing She adds. The price is precisely what will determine the success of this original offer.

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