Radiohead and Epic Games team up for Kid A Mnesia: Exhibition

This event celebrates the release of the group’s last album, scheduled for November.

Rock fans will have recognized a familiar name here. Indeed, the developer and publisher Epic Games has just announced a collaboration with the famous group Radiohead which had a resounding success in the years 1990 to 2010. After having spent thousands of hours of glory on stage and in the recording studios, Radiohead invites itself on our consoles to make us enjoy the show even more.

For the moment, very few details have been communicated on the modalities of this musical exhibition. We just know that it will take place in November on PS5 and PC. In the words of the press release, it will be a ” inverted digital / analog universe created from original artwork and recordings ».

A tribute with great pomp

This celebrates the release of the band’s next album, named Kid A Mnesia in homage to the Kid A and Amnesiac albums released in 2000 and 2001 respectively, more than 20 years ago. This new album will therefore bring together the titles present on the two previously named, as well as some unpublished titles from the recording sessions of the time and which alone form a third album called Kid Amnesiae.

More information on this mystery project should reach us by November, but in any case it does not surprise those who follow the news of Epic Games closely. Indeed, since the start of the global pandemic, the studio has been showing more and more its music-loving side by chaining the performances of artists in its battle royale. Fortnite, lthe latest being that ofAriana Grande.

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