Symfonisk lamp loudspeaker is in its 2nd generation

The Symfonisk lamp loudspeaker from Ikea and Sonos comes in a second generation with an exchangeable lampshade.

Symfonisk lamp loudspeaker – 2nd generation pictures leaked

Ikea is once again tinkering with the range of Symfonisk loudspeakers, which were created in cooperation with Sonos. The new Picturframe, a loudspeaker in the form of a picture frame, was introduced only recently. In addition, it became known that one of the first devices, the Symfonisk lamp loudspeaker, had been removed from the range.

However, Ikea apparently only did this to bring a second generation of this lamp loudspeaker to life. Actually a bit strange, because many reports also spoke of the fact that the removal from the range also had something to do with the design, which was probably not so well received by customers. Anyway, a user has to Reddit First pictures of the new lamp loudspeaker discovered in Ikea’s Portuguese store.

At first glance, the new generation looks very similar to the old one. However, it is now also possible to change the lampshade, as you can see on the tiel picture.

Image source: The Verge

I am curious to see when we can expect the new generation in this country as well. For me personally, the new version is visually not what I would put in my apartment.

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