this is what the 20,000 euro German electric will look like

Volkswagen certainly is one of the most active automotive brands in the electrical sector, it is no coincidence that in Germany it has already converted its largest plant and intends to launch more and more models of the ID family – even “economic” ones. Waiting for the 20,000 euro Volkswagen ID, here is the ID. Life shown at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich.

Officially it’s called ID. LIFE Concept and it is, precisely, a concept, a prototype, a car that probably – as you see it in the renders – will never arrive on the market. It will certainly be slightly redesigned and adapted to real-world driving, however it is interesting to note that Volkswagen is perhaps planning to ditch the ID numbering. (which actually can’t go to infinity, it’s impractical …) and switch to suggestive nouns – like LIFE.

This concept is incredibly near the Fiat Centoventi shown by FCA / Stellantis a few years ago and it looks like a compact city crossover, a car designed for everyday use. The passenger compartment would also be made of recyclable materials. Ralf Brandstätter, CEO del brand Volkswagen, he said: “The ID. LIFE represents our vision of next generation electric Urban Mobility. A preview of what we will be able to launch in 2025, a city electric car costing around 20,000 euros, a more affordable price than today’s EVs. We focused above all on the needs of the younger audience, we are convinced that the cars of the future have a lot to do with lifestyle and personalization. “

It is also interesting to learn that the ID. LIFE uses a smaller version of the famous MEB platform, created specifically for the most compact segments. “It accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds, while the 57 kWh battery guarantees up to 400 km of WLTP range”, interesting and absolutely realistic figures, given that the Renault Zoe already offers similar ranges with 52 kWh batteries. The power of this car should instead be of 172 kW with front engine and front-wheel drive. A real affront to the Economic Tesla currently in development, which will be sold at roughly the same price.

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