Recording with an iPhone from a motorcycle or scooter can mess up the camera

Many scooters, scooters, motorcycles and electric vehicles in general offer the possibility of connecting our mobile in different ways. Apple has commented that it is not a good idea to do it with the iPhone.

They comment that this action can cause problems with the iPhone cameras due to exposure to vibrations in certain frequency ranges.

Logically we are talking about important vibrations, but they are sometimes common when we go with motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. It warns in a document entitled “Exposure to vibrations, such as those generated by high-powered motorcycle engines, could affect the cameras of the iPhone.”

The problem is related to the degradation of the optical image stabilization of the phone, as well as the systems in charge of automatic focusing. Over time the quality of the photos can be reduced, since it will not be possible to counteract the effects of gravity and vibration in the same way that it was done in the beginning.

This affects all iPhones that have these technologies, from iPhone 6 Plus onwards. In the document They explain it as follows:

Apple’s OIS and AF systems are built to last. The problem is that direct exposure for a long time can degrade long-term performance and reduce the image quality of photos and videos.

So if you plan to record while riding a scooter, think twice. Once it doesn’t hurt, but doing it every day can end up affecting the camera quite a bit. All high-powered motorcycle engines generate significant vibrations, and those vibrations are transmitted through the chassis and handlebars, so there are no exceptions.

Another possibility is to use a vibration damping support, not depending only on the image correction system of the mobile.

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