The Xiaomi Mi Essential electric scooter is on sale at Cdiscount

Thanks to the Xiaomi Mi Essential, you will save time to go to work and especially money with this crazy price!

Having an electric scooter in big cities and in the countryside is becoming more and more common, but you will have to choose your future two wheels. Today, you have the opportunity to make a good deal, because the Mi Essential from Xiaomi is on sale at Cdiscount at the price of 249 euros.

Take advantage of the offer at Cdiscount

A Mi Essential which is based on its achievements

Xiaomi did not want to make THE scooter that will revolutionize your daily life, far from it. The Chinese brand has designed an electric scooter that will allow you to get to your work, your home or even your friends with ease. However, the Xiaomi did not compromise on the characteristics of the Mi Essential.

Indeed, the latter has everything one expects from an electric scooter, namely a good range, count approximately 20 kilometers as well as a top speed of 20 km / h. It is not THE best electric scooter of the brand, but it will accompany you in your daily life and will adapt to its rider and the asphalt.

The Xiaomi Mi Essential has two tires that will be able to adapt to all types of roads – provided you do not do any terrain, it is not intended for this purpose. Nevertheless, it will overcome obstacles such as potholes, slippery roads or even damaged asphalt without any problem.

The Xiaomi Mi Lite Essential will accompany you on your walks with friends.
The Xiaomi Mi Essential will accompany you on your walks with friends. © Xiaomi

At night, the Xiaomi will light your way

To accompany you day and night, the Mi Essential has lights to illuminate the road at the front – at the handlebars and to be seen at the rear – at the rear wheel. Reflectors are also present on the sides of the scooter. Coming back to the lights, they work using light-emitting diodes, LEDs that will illuminate perfectly without taking up all the resources of the battery. Moreover, the latter is recharged using a conventional AC outlet and using the kinetic energy of the Mi Essential. When you apply the brake lever, the brakes will convert energy from the wheels into electrical energy which will recharge the battery. This will allow you to maintain a decent battery level.

In short, whether you use it for work, to go shopping or to visit friends, the Xiaomi Mi Essential will always be there to accompany you. It is time to take the first step, especially since it is on sale at Cdiscount at the price of 249 euros.

Take advantage of the offer at Cdiscount

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