Valeo’s e-Bike System will equip a French manufacturer’s electric bike in 2022

The equipment manufacturer Valeo, well known in the automotive sector, is also interested in the electric bicycle market. For builders, the company will be producing its e-Bike system next year, but it showed a taste of it during the Eurobike show.

Last December, Valeo announced its e-Bike system that manufacturers of electric bicycles will be able to integrate into their vehicles. This solution integrates an electric motor and an adaptive automatic gearbox in the crankset. On the occasion of the German Eurobike show, the French company presented its technology further, pending production which will start next spring.

Impressive power

To demonstrate the flexibility of its e-Bike System, Valeo unveiled its integration into three types of bikes: an urban bike, an MTB and a three-wheel cargo bike. The solution remains quite imposing as seen in the images, but the module combines both a 48V motor and an adaptive seven-speed automatic transmission.

The system develops a torque of 130 Nm, which multiplies the cyclist’s effort by x8 (most bicycle motors go up to x5). On a cargo bike, the electric assistance allows the cyclist to climb a hill at 14% with a load of 150 kg without effort. As for the gearbox, which is by the way a world first on an electric bicycle, it adapts instantly to the cyclist’s needs thanks to a predictive algorithm.

The gear change takes place in less than 100 milliseconds whatever the conditions of use and, above all, without any manual control activation, explains Valeo. The equipment manufacturer has added a braking energy recovery function to preserve autonomy, a boost function for overtaking or crossing hills, a pedestrian assistance and reverse mode for cargo bikes, as well as an anti-theft device. in the crankset.

Several manufacturers have already shown signs of interest in this solution, which will be produced in France. Moreover, it is a French manufacturer ” renowned ”Which will launch the first urban model equipped with the e-Bike System.

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