3 electric skateboards from the new company BEWATT

BEWATT is a new company dedicated to the sale of electric vehicles, including bicycles, e-skates and e-surf. The company is part of the WALMA DYNAMIC GROUP, a business group that already has experience in innovative solutions. Professionals from the world of technology have come together with people who have already worked with Mountain Wolf and Skate SUV to be able to start what we now know as BEWATT, where electric adventure sports will be the protagonist.

Within its website we can already see some of the available models, and the collection of available e-skates has caught my attention.

URBAN SNAKE 22: For city. It is the least striking, although that of going through the streets with an electric skateboard is always something that attracts attention. It has two motors of 600 W each and has a 15 Ah battery. They use technology that intelligently controls loading and unloading, as well as an automatic protection mode. It charges in about 5 hours, and it can reach 25 km / h in ECO mode or 40-45 km / h for closed circuits (it is forbidden to go through the cities at that speed with this type of vehicle).

MOUNTAIN RHINO 21: The one in the top photo. It is an off-road e-skate with two 800 W motors, and reaches a maximum power of 2,500 W. 30 Ah battery, steel wheels with mixed 4-10 tires and inner tube, 50 kilometers autonomy … all in one 25 kg e-skate, capable of supporting up to 120 kg.

MOUNTAIN SNAKE 22: For city and mountain, a mixture of the two previous models. Two 1,500 W motors, 15 Ah battery, good maneuverability and stability, double braking system, electromagnetic motor.

They are three really striking e-skates, already available on your website, but they have not disclosed the price yet. I will update it in this entry when they are already available in the market.

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