A flying motorcycle marketed in 2023?

When science fiction becomes real. Seen in many futuristic films, the flying motorcycle is a means of transport that has something to dream of more than one. But except some projects still in the development phase there was no indication that such a machine will one day be marketed.

However the company Jetpack Aviation, created in 2016, announces a prototype with a launch on the market for 2023. It would therefore be, according to the manufacturer’s statements, possible to overlap the Speeder (this is the name given to this motorcycle of the future) in just 24 months, a real technological feat.

While taxis and flying cars are developing and could also join our daily lives in the coming years, the idea of ​​flying a motorcycle seems more realistic. Very happy with its prototype, Jetpack Aviation announced this summer the start of pre-orders for the Speeder. If the project is still in the experimental phase, its price should prevent it from becoming mainstream: 320,000 €, for the low-end model, the only one available today. Less developed, the firm says that the latter should be able to be piloted in semi-autonomy without a flight license.

Military applications at first?

A second model should, according to David Mayman, CEO of Jetpack Aviation, see the light of day within 2 years. The latter should target a much more specific audience, the military. The US Army has never hidden its love for new technology, and flying motorcycles are on the list.

It must be said that in view of the technical sheet, this bike has something to interest people. Jetpack Aviation announces a top speed of 240 km / h for models reserved for the army. In order to reassure its customers, the company also claims to have designed internal software so that the motorcycle is “more stable” during the flight phases. Today the main obstacle to the development of the project seems to be autonomy, the startup not managing to exceed the half hour.

For the “entry-level” model, the speed should be reduced to 100 km / h maximum. The autonomy should again vary from 20 to 30 minutes depending on the use.

Marketing from 2023?

Jetpack Aviation works in close collaboration with the American flight license regulators. If the technological barriers do not seem to be very numerous on the road of the company, the latter must face the FAA and the various American air regulatory agencies. David Mayman also explains that this is the firm’s biggest challenge for 2022: obtaining the FAA’s agreement to fly its motorcycles. A condition without it none to market its models in 2023.

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