Android 12 will launch on October 4th

Pixel 6 may arrive later with the same system version.


A little later than usual, though inside information Google says it will arm the latest, 12, intact version of the Android operating system in about three weeks, which also means lucky (?) Pixel owners will be notified on that day to download the installation package. A good question is whether any other mobile owner can enjoy the OTA package on the same day or have to wait, in any case, it seems that the Pixel 6 is on Pixel 6 Pro, apparently with Android 12, coming a little later. By the way, the name, in fact: even the look, was revealed by the search giant, and it is by no means a problem that after a few years of hardware failure, they are still a little filed before the start of the new generation. By the way, it seems that Google and Samsung are collaborating on reference mobiles in addition to the smartwatch system.

Pixel 6, official rendering
Pixel 6, official rendering [+]

For example, the Koreans’ 50-megapixel ISOCELL GN1 sensor can be connected to the back of the two Pixels, with an ultra-wide unit and, in the case of the Pro, a 4x optical zoom module. Plus, Samsung can produce a Tensor mobile chip designed by Google and focused on machine learning. In connection with the latter, quite wild rumors have taken off: the chip expected at the 5nm node is said to use two ARM Cortex-X1 power cores in addition to the more economical sets, which would result in quite serious heat generation. And that would be interesting just because Google wants to focus on AI tasks, probably with a dedicated NPU, so the CPU won’t be the most important part of Pixel 6s.

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