Apple Watch Series 7 Faces Good and Bad News for Consumers

As we get closer to September 14, rumors and leaks about Apple products intensify exponentially. Indeed, we have new testimony from the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo about the Apple Watch Series 7.

The new report follows the worrying news put forward by journalist Mark Gurman of the publication. Bloomberg, pointing out there that the Apple Watch Series 7 would arrive late to the market due to production difficulties.

The next generation of smart watches arrives on September 14th

Apple Watch Series 7
Suggested Design for Apple Watch Series 7 Watches. Credit: Jon Prosser.

Now, however, Ming Chi-Kuo suggests that this delay will not be so severe. According to the analyst, the production difficulties arising from the current shortage of chips and components are real. However, Apple will have managed to get around such an obstacle.

The opinion of this market analyst was shared in a note to investors and first communicated to the publication AppleInsider as is already customary for this source. For Kuo, the delay is real, but it won’t be as severe.

The bad news – they won’t be able to buy the new Apple Watch on the day of its presentation on September 14th. The good news – this delay should not be longer than two weeks, so the start of sales should start at the end of this month of September.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is due in stores in late September

Apple Watch Series 7
Suggested Design for Apple Watch Series 7 Watches. Credit: Jon Prosser.

Contrary to previous forecasts, which pointed to mid to late October for the beginning of sales, Kuo believes in a more positive scenario. The market analyst says that Apple will have solved most of the barriers to production and, as such, will mitigate the expected delays in the arrival of this product on the market.

It is thus an average delay of two weeks for mass production of the volumes required by Apple. Therefore, the product should start shipping to consumers by the end of this month, or at worst early next month.

Furthermore, the “culprit” for this delay will be identified. At issue is the new OLED G6 screen to integrate Apple’s next smart watches. It is, in fact, a new type of display that forced the Cupertino technology to review and reformulate the internal organization and general schematic of the product.

A bigger screen and more durability is expected in the Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7
Suggested Design for Apple Watch Series 7 Watches. Credit: Jon Prosser.

Ming-Chi Kuo says the new watches forced Apple to rethink its entire internal organization, as well as create new components. In particular, the new screen will be better and cheaper to produce, so the delay will soon be bounty for Apple as well as consumers.

Also according to the same source, Luxshare will be responsible for the assembly and production of 70% of all new Apple Watch Series 7. Likewise, the analyst says that this company will be able to bring its units to market faster than its main rival , Foxconn.

Finally, Kuo believes Apple will sell between 14 to 16 million Series 7 units by the end of the year. On a last note, Kuo also added more credibility to the possibility of having new sizes for watch cases, with 41 mm and 45 mm.

We are now waiting for the official presentation of the products on September 14th. The new watches will arrive accompanied by the new generation of iPhones, tablets, among other Cupertino surprises.

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