DGT is looking for this reckless driver

Overtaking on a conventional highway curved and no visibility up to two cars and others coming from the front. This video portrays the reckless maneuver carried out by a reckless driver on the island of Tenerife and that the DGT has published on its Twitter account.

The Traffic Investigation and Analysis Group (GIAT) has opened an investigation to identify the offender for a possible reckless driving offense. Thus, he could face jail sentences of up to two years for perpetrating such an overtaking in a prohibited area, in addition to being crowded, apart from the withdrawal of the driver’s license.

Unfortunately, skills of this type continue to occur on our roads, an example of this is this bus driver who he drove more than 30 kilometers talking on his mobile and making video calls while serving.

No visibility and little room for maneuver

Specifically, this driver at the controls of a white Volkswagen Golf made this chilling overtaking on the road TF-13 at the height of San Cristóbal de la Laguna, a municipality on the outskirts of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

It is a conventional route and at that point it is one lane per direction. In the section where the maneuver took place, overtaking is prohibited, since it runs through a curve where there is no visibility and therefore it is regulated with a continuous line.

But this motorist ignored the road markings and the highway code, in addition to abandoning all common sense, overtaking up to two cars. AND did not collide by centimeters with another car that was driving in the other direction, that he met him around the bend.

In part, because the last car he is passing brakes to make it easier for him to get back into his lane, but also because the one driving in the other direction had reflexes to pull over. The video in question is recorded from the first car that is seen passing, being immortalized this reckless maneuver that makes the hair stand on end.

More than 1,000 euros in fines and possible crime

First of all, this motorist breached the General Traffic Regulations, because as stipulated in its Article 87, expressly prohibits overtaking:

In the low visibility curves and grade changes and, in general, in any place or circumstance in which the available visibility is not sufficient to be able to carry out the maneuver or to desist from it once started, unless the two directions of traffic are clearly delimited and the maneuver can be carried out without invade the reserved area to the opposite direction.

The maneuver in question can be apply various sanctions, all of them classified as serious: from overtaking in a curve without visibility, to doing so without minimum lateral separation, passing because he did not signal the maneuver at any time and perpetrated the overtaking without sufficient space so as not to hinder the vehicle ahead, as well as the one that was circulating in opposite direction.

Each one of these infractions supposes up to 200 euros of fine, for which he would face sanctions that, in total, would amount to 1,000 euros. Likewise, the action could be classified as reckless driving, which implies the loss of six driving license pointsr.

But in addition to the administrative route, reckless driving is listed as crime against road safety in the Penal Code. Specifically, this is stipulated in Article 380 where it is expressly stated “whoever drives a motor vehicle or a moped with manifest recklessness”.

In this way, in addition to traffic penalties, reckless driving is punishable by prison from six months to 12 years and the withdrawal of the permit between one and six years.

The DGT has recalled on many occasions where it is forbidden to overtake even if there is no vertical sign that expressly vetoes it: curves and change of grade without visibility are at the forefront, but also in level crossings, tunnels, intersections, crossings. pedestrians or behind an overtaking heavy vehicle.

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