England will require all new homes and offices to include smart chargers for electric cars

England will have to get ahead of the UK’s plan of end fossil fuel powered vehicles by 2030: from next year they will be installed charging points for electric cars in all newly built homes and offices.

In this scenario, a regulation will also be introduced to schedule the disconnection of the chargers for nine hours, due to the fear of overloading the electrical network.

The plan will also require that all points be capable of offering ‘smart charging’. This means that they will use a data connection to ‘communicate’ with the car about when it is best to connect to the network.

The legislation, unveiled by Transport Minister Rachel Maclean, aims to dramatically increase the speed at which charging points are being built following an announced investment of 1.3 billion pounds.

Load Point

An insufficient pace considering that only 500 charging points are installed each month, well below the 700 per day that industry bodies say are necessary.

In Spain, new buildings and those undergoing major renovations are required -before January 1, 2023- to have a pre-installation that allows to have charging points for electric cars in 100% of the parking spaces, in the case of private residential buildings, and in 20% of the spaces in the rest of the buildings.

Chargers that automatically turn off to avoid blackouts


The British Government, which has banned the sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles from 2030, has also devised a plan before the fear that they will not be able to handle spikes in demand while users charge their electric vehicles.

Thus, as of May, each new charger installed in homes or offices will be programmed to turn off for nine hours a day: between 8 am and 11 am and 4 pm and 10 pm.

Public chargers and fast chargers located on highways and highways will be exempt. The goal is for users who have chargers at home to use them during off-peak hours to avoid blackouts.

It is predicted that electric cars will generate an additional 18 GW of energy demand in the UK at peak times by 2050, according to the National Grid.

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