Epic Games finally abandons Houseparty

The application will not have lasted long and is already sidelined by Epic Games which feels overwhelmed.

It’s official, Epic Games has just announced the untimely death of its application Houseparty in a blog post. The company, which comes from win lawsuit against apple, does not feel able to continue to manage this application after having been a reference for many users since 2016.

As a reminder, Houseparty was a social network based on video communication which had been acquired by Epic Games not long ago. Recently, Houseparty had even integrated features specific to Fortnite, the studio’s battle royale. In their post, the app development team provides these explanations:

“Since joining Epic, the social vision and core technology of the Houseparty team have already contributed to new features used by hundreds of millions of people in Fortnite and developers around the world. Therefore, we cannot give the app or our community the attention it deserves ”.

A short life that will end in October

Concretely, those who did not already have the application will no longer see it in the mobile stores. On the other hand, those who used Houseparty can continue to do so until October, when the application will be completely discontinued. The development team clarified that the app shutdown will not be gradual.

However, this farewell only means the end of a page, which turns to new projects and ambitions on the side of Epic Games. Indeed, in the post we can read that ” the team behind Houseparty strives to create new ways to have meaningful and authentic metaverse-wide social interactions across the Epic Games family “. We should therefore soon have news of these new projects being designed.

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