How to better manage SMS messages with what’s to come to Messages for Android

Google is working on a new mechanism, powered by Artificial Intelligence, to help users in the daily management of the messages that arrive to the inbox of the Android Messages application.

From the company They try to offer something quite similar to what is already available in GMail since its launch in 2018. Although the function has not been officially presented nor is it yet available in beta, its development is known thanks to the disassembly of the APK carried out by the team of XDA Developers in the new beta version of Messages for Android recently arrived on the Play Store.

According to the new chains found in the aforementioned version of the APK, The Nudge function will not only make it possible to automatically highlight at the top those messages to which users have not yet responded, but it will also show those messages that you may need to follow up on.

These benefits They will be carried out automatically once the aforementioned function is activated thanks to Artificial Intelligence, as long as there are no changes in the development process, although there is also the possibility that Google decides at any time to discard its launch.

Assuming that Google does not rule it out on the way, which is most likely, it is speculated that its possible official launch will arrive with the official launch of Android 12, which according to some reports, point to next October 4.

However, Google would initially make the new function available to users who make use of the beta version of Messages for Android, which in this case would allow a better understanding of how it works before its final launch.

As XDA developers tell you, Google has implemented interesting functions to Messages for Android over the last few months, such as the ability to highlight important messages, classification of messages powered by Artificial Intelligence, automatic deletion of OTP messages, etc.

In fact, many manufacturers find it more favorable to integrate the Messages application for Android developed and maintained by Google instead of using third-party or self-developed applications, which means that many users can count on their mobile phones with the same benefits by having the same serial application.

Also remember that the Messages application for Android, in addition to being compatible with SMS messages, is one of the very few applications that have support for RCS messages, the modern alternativeGenerally speaking, though, Google is having a pretty hard time pushing RCS messages.

Via: XDA Developers

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