Hypercharge: 120W charging won’t kill your battery, Xiaomi says so

Ultra-fast charging is gradually arriving on our devices, and according to Xiaomi, this is no longer necessarily bad news for our batteries.

In the world of smartphones, different manufacturers are racing on every aspect of the device, from power to the screen to recharging. It is in this last area that the future Xiamoi 11T Pro should shine thanks to HyperCharge technology, recharging at 120W.

So far, nothing very surprising. After all, this isn’t even the brand’s first 120W charger, since the Mi 10 was already equipped with it. This device, released only in China, can refuel in just 23 minutes. But as these super high wattage chargers multiply, the question of durability arises more and more. Can we reasonably pump so much energy into a battery at this speed without sacrificing its lifespan? According to Xiaomi, this is a big yes.

A lifespan comparable to slower recharges?

According to Daniel Desjarlais, global brand spokesperson interviewed by The Verge, “after 800 charge cycles the battery will still be 80% like new. We could say “oh, I’m losing 20%”; but it’s actually pretty standard among all charging technologies. 800 cycles, for most people that’s about two years. “According to the brand, its 120W charging technology would therefore be comparable with other solutions on the market in terms of battery life.

In theory, would that mean that there would no longer be any disadvantage to using fast charging all the time? Not quite. “Of course, the optimal situation would be to use a slower charger at night and a fast charger for more urgent situations.”, continue Daniel Desjarlais.

Recall that at the end of May, Xiaomi presented the very first recharge at 200W; however, the manufacturer admitted that this technology capable of charging a 4000 mAh battery in an incredible time of 8 minutes heavily damaged the battery. But this was also the case for 120W chargers in a not so distant past; We can therefore expect that charging technologies greater than 100W, then close to 200W, will begin to become more democratic in the coming years. But before you get there, make it September 15th next for the presentation of the Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro!

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