Instagram will soon offer to see your favorites more often

The social network wants to allow Internet users to better control their feed, by introducing favorites.

On Instagram, the algorithm often knows your tastes better than you do. Between cat videos, DIYs and improbable recipes, the social network is now part of a trend common to Facebook and Twitter, by offering its users more control over their feed.

So while Twitter has just formalized Communities as well as several tools intended to protect the privacy of its users, Instagram would have the project to test the appearance of favorites. According to the Gizmodo site, which relays information from leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, the next update of the application could thus allow Internet users to create a list of their favorite accounts, which will appear in priority in the news feed. Unlike Close Friends – a feature already developed by Instagram with its Stories, this favorites list will not notify affected accounts when added or deleted.

From now on, it will be possible for users to better control what is displayed on their Instagram feed. By focusing on pictures of kitten memes, or making sure you don’t miss any posts from your favorite nephew. It is recalled that this functionality – for the moment hypothetical – will only come in addition to Instagram suggestions. In fact, the social network already knows who you interact with the most, and knows your scrolling habits like the back of his hand. Contacted by Gizmodo, Mark Zuckerberg’s platform confirmed to be working on the arrival of the favorites. However, it is currently a internal prototype, which would not yet have the ambition to be deployed on a large scale.

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