Instead of 2.29 euros for free: secure an entertaining music game for a short time for free


The mobile game “Deemo”, which otherwise costs 2.29 euros, is temporarily free. We clarify whether the download of the iPhone app is worthwhile.

Das Mobile Game "Deemo" is temporarily free for iPhone and iPad.

The mobile game “Deemo” is temporarily free for iPhone and iPad. (Source: Rayark International Limited)

  • With “Deemo” you get an atmospheric music game currently free for iPhone and iPad. Otherwise it costs 2.29 euros.
  • The gameplay is reminiscent of Guitar Hero, but mainly classical piano pieces are played.
  • It is not known how long the game will be offered for free. If you are interested, you should grab it quickly.

In the App Store, actually Paid apps and mobile games are given away. If you keep your eyes open, you can save a few euros and sometimes secure real pearls. The free campaigns are mainly used to attract new users and to make the apps better known.

Im App Store free of charge instead of 2.29 euros*


Among other things, that will Mobile game “Deemo” is currently available for free, it costs 2.29 euros. You can play it on both the iPhone and the iPad.

The story: Deemo lives in a castle into which one day a girl falls from the sky. She lacks memories and doesn’t know who she is or where she comes from. Deemo wants to help her find her way back into her world.

As he sits down at the piano and starts playing, he notices that a small tree begins to grow on the piano when he plays. Now you have to take over and keep the tree growing.

The game mechanics are reminiscent of Guitar Hero. (Above all) classical piano pieces are played, the notes of which fly towards you. Before they hit the bottom of the screen, tap them and play the melody.

The level of difficulty of the game can be adjusted for each piece, as can the speed of the game. There are a total of 40 songs in story mode, and more can be unlocked via in-app purchase if desired.

Is it worth the download?

Deemo features an atmospheric soundtrack and features hand-drawn graphics. The game is especially interesting if you like classical music and can do something with games like Guitar Hero.

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IOS apps currently available free of charge

IOS apps currently available free of charge

In the App Store, the game currently has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. At irregular intervals there are updates that fix errors or add new content. In order to be able to download Deemo, at least iOS 10 must be installed on your iPhone or iPad.

It is not known how long the free promotion is valid. So if you are interested, you should grab it quickly. If you secure the mobile game for free now, you can always download it for free, even if it is offered for sale again.

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