Microsoft Teams puts hybrid work in the spotlight with new features

Microsoft’s collaborative platform will host a whole host of new features by 2022.

Microsoft Teams will acquire a range of new features, designed to facilitate “hybrid meetings”, ie between a team located in the offices and the rest of the participants who telework from their homes.

The first of these, Cameo, is designed for PowerPoint Live presentations. It will allow the video stream from the webcam to be integrated directly into the presentation; a way of recovering part of the organic aspect of this exercise, where gestures and facial expressions play a significant role.

Next is Speaker Coach. This AI-based system will inform its user of various parameters related to his speech; it will thus be possible to receive a (private) alert when you interrupt someone, when you forget to interact with your audience, or when the speech rate is inadequate. A little cheat sheet that could be very useful for those who tend to speak too slowly or too quickly, which often amounts to losing their audience.

And to push the mobility aspect even further, Microsoft is also announcing that Teams will soon support Apple Car Play, for those who need to follow a fairly important meeting and justify attending from their vehicle. Fortunately, if we trust the illustrative image, it would appear that this is only an audio version, with no video stream likely to monopolize the pilot’s attention.

Video conferences as you were there

The latest is Microsoft Viva, an internal announcements and news system, specific to each organization. Employees will therefore be able to find out about the latest news from their company or workgroup; Microsoft’s press release mentions many means of communication: room reservations, personalized announcements, corporate conversations, etc. There is also a control panel for day-to-day actions, such as taking leave or having an expense report validated. The version “preview”Of the app will be available in the coming weeks.

Finally, Microsoft’s latest announcement concerns hardware. The Redmond firm designed the Logi Dock, a device specially designed in collaboration with Logitech to optimize your Teams experience. With the push of a button, join a Teams call, adjust the volume, and all other standard features.

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