Mozilla makes it easier for Firefox to be the default browser on Windows 10

The Mozilla Foundation has grown weary of the way Windows 10 has made it difficult to switch to another alternative web browser as the default, clearly benefiting Edge, the default option that comes standard with Windows 10.

The letter sent in 2015 has been of no use proposing that you implement a system that makes it easier for users to change from the default web browser to another without having to go through the current tedious process.

Looking for equality between web browsers

In this situation, the organization has taken action to make it easier for users to choose Firefox as their default web browser in a fairly simple way, avoiding the need to leave Firefox to go to the system configuration options to make the change, also avoiding the consequent security warnings.

For it, since Mozilla has reverse-engineered, implementing an internal background process that bypasses Windows 10 security protections, so users can opt-in Firefox as default browser just a click away and transparently.

Microsoft has security protections that, in principle, try to prevent malware from being able to change the applications that are established as default by others.

The launch of this mechanism took place with the release of version 91 of Firefox, which arrived on August 10, and of which until today we do not get to know since it has been an implementation that has not been given hype.

In this way, and if there are no changes on the way, it is now possible to make the change to Firefox in a similar way to that allowed by Microsoft Edge.

It remains to be seen if Microsoft will take action on the matter that will invalidate this process, since Microsoft considers that this process is not compatible.

The most interesting thing will come shortly with the new version of Windows, Windows 11, which will be released on October 5, which will make it even more difficult if it is possible to change Web navigator which Windows already has by default after installation.

For now, the victory is on the side of the Mozilla Foundation and the users who bet on having Firefox as their default web browser compared to other options.

We do not know if the rest of browser developers will carry out similar movements in order not to be left behind or will trust what Microsoft establishes for this mechanism, despite its difficulty.

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