Nintendo officially drops the price of its Nintendo Switch

This will allow those who do not have one to get one at a lower cost, the console is still as in demand as a few years ago.

In less than a month, Nintendo will inaugurate the first sales of its console Nintendo Switch OLED, a revisited and slightly improved version of the classic Switch. With this eagerly awaited release, Nintendo undertook to officially lower the price of this console which, since its release in 2017, had not fluctuated so much. Indeed, it is still on sale today at a price of 330 €, its launch price, which can go up to 280 € on the internet.

While the OLED Switch will cost its future owners the modest sum of € 350, Nintendo exceptionally deviates from its unspoken rule of never lowering its prices and declares that the classic console will now sell for the recommended price of € 300. As for the Switch Lite, it will still be sold at the suggested price of € 220.

A strategic decision that plays in favor of the premium console

With this in mind, several resellers have already updated the information related to the price of the console in their product sheet. As for Nintendo’s reasons, it seems pretty obvious that the company wanted to lower the price of the classic Switch in order to widen the gap with the OLED Switch, a model that is more premium than its predecessor and that would justify therefore of a higher price.

For the moment, it seems that this price drop is limited only to the European continent. This should soon have a snowball effect on the sales of second-hand consoles, which will naturally have to align with Nintendo’s new price list and thus make the original console more accessible.

Nintendo Switch OLED at the best price Base price: 359 €

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