Nothing that the state should decree: Lash against the state fuel price brake

Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet Unlike Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU), he does not believe in a state-imposed fuel price brake for liter prices of two euros or more. “This is not something that the state should prescribe to the nearest euro cents,” said the CDU chairman to the “Tagesspiegel” (Sunday). “A large part of the cost of every liter of petrol or diesel comes from taxes. In this respect, the state has a control mechanism so that nothing gets out of hand.” For people who are dependent on their car, the commuter allowance must be increased in order to compensate.

Scheuer said on Monday at “Bild Live” that if the fuel price jumped above two euros, politicians would have to have the strength to intervene to cushion additional costs caused by the rising CO2 price. He left the concrete feasibility open.

Strongly rising prices expected

The reason for the statements was, among other things, media reports that fuel prices could rise sharply in the coming years – due to a significantly higher CO2 price in the transport sector. This could be necessary for the transport sector to achieve climate goals. The nationwide daily average on Tuesday was E10 premium petrol at 1.563 euros, diesel at 1.394 euros, as the ADAC had calculated. These were prices in the range of multi-year highs.

Laschet again opposed the plans of the SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz to raise the minimum wage, which is currently 9.60 euros an hour, to 12 euros. “The basic question is: Should politics determine wages in our social market economy? We are against it, “said Laschet.” The SPD has so far also been against it: It has said: Trade unions and employers should determine the amount jointly in the commission. “If politics interfered, a” party competition “would break out for the highest minimum wage rate “Incidentally, it also weakens the trade unions as collective bargaining parties.” (dpa / gem)

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