OTA updates arrive on ID.3 and ID.4: Volkswagen chases Tesla

For years Tesla was the only manufacturer to boast over-the-air software updates (to know more: it is legal to update OTA?), possible thanks to the 4G SIM integrated in Elon Musk’s cars. But today Volkswagen also announces the same feature for the cars of the ID family.

The Wolfsburg house promises customers of ID.3, ID.4 and ID.4 GTX (and we can also imagine the ID. To come) free over-the-air updates available immediately. In the company’s plans there will be a software update every twelve months, so as to keep the cars always in step with the times. Volkswagen also plans to exploit an unprecedented Business Model with new software features to be sold separately online, which the user can add at any time.

Let’s think about the driving assistant, for example Travel Assist, which the user can purchase even months after the registration of the car, in the future the same will be reserved for Advanced Autonomous Driving – and these are just examples. Returning to the OTA updates: at the moment some new functions being updated concern the ID. Light, the luminous strip at the base of the windshield that now provides the driver with information that intuitively assists him while driving (find out more in our test of the Volkswagen ID.3).

The image processing by the cameras was then improved, motorcyclists and other road users are recognized more quickly, finally the graphics of the central infotainment have been made simpler, clear and intuitive, while the adjustment of the headlights (if present) allows more precise control of the front headlights. This whole strategy that embraces OTA updates and the sale of new software functions will be called Volkswagen ACCELERATE.

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