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Sebastian Vettel could leave Aston Martin and retire from Formula 1 at the end of this season

When it seemed that the Formula 1 driver market had already calmed down, there is a new whirlwind that threatens that stability. Sebastian Vettel would be considering retiring from Formula 1 at the end of this season, thus leaving an empty hole in the Aston Martin team.

Vettel has a clause in his contract with Aston Martin to renew for one more season, but it expires tomorrow, September 15, and has not yet been executed. Rumors in the paddock suggest that Vettel may be considering leaving Formula 1 after just one year with Aston Martin.

Vettel’s renewal clause with Aston Martin expires in two days

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The rumors have been growing as the confirmation date for Vettel’s continuity was approaching. Almost all the gaps on the grid are already filled and there are no more palatable free drivers left for Aston Martin, so in the next few hours we should clear up any doubts about the future of Vettel.

This news fits perfectly with the one that assured a few days ago that Lawrence Stroll had tested Fernando Alonso so that he would not execute his renewal with Alpine and go to Aston Martin. Something is smelled in the British brand, since it seems that Vettel has been giving them long on the matter of its renewal.

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Vettel already confessed that had thought about retiring from Formula 1 when he left Ferrari, but finally signed an agreement for one season plus another extendable with Aston Martin. We will see if he executes the option for that extra year, but in any case it seems that Vettel is not filling the experience too much.

And is that the Vettel season is deceptive. He got on the podium in Baku and did it again in Hungary, although he was later disqualified, but overall behind Lance Stroll. The boss’s son has already scored in seven races out of fourteen, while Vettel has only done so in four, albeit with many points.

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If Vettel retires Aston Martin will have to face a not easy substitution, with most of the drivers already taken. The most logical option seems that of Nico Hulkenberg, tester of the team, but after two seasons practically stopped, at 34 years old and without a podium in Formula 1 it is difficult for him to give much performance.

In addition to the Aston Martin, the other seat that still free in Formula 1 for 2022 is that of Alfa Romeo, where Antonio Giovinazzi could follow, but drivers like Mick Schumcaher, Guanyu Zhou or Nyck de Vries also play. Vettel will have the penultimate key to the Formula 1 market.

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