Speed ​​limit on motorways: 77 percent of drivers drive slower than 130 km / h anyway

A possible speed limit of 130 km / h on motorways is one of the major issues in the federal election campaign. However, around 77 percent of motorists drive slower than 130 km / h on sections of the autobahn without a speed limit, as the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (IW) found in a study. Another twelve percent drive between 130 and 140 km / h, and less than two percent drive faster than 160 km / h.

As expected, most drivers are on the road between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., during which time hardly anyone drives fast: just around one percent of drivers are faster than 160 km / h. From 7 p.m. the proportion of fast drivers increases significantly, but remains very small overall: According to the study, only four percent drive 160 km / h or faster between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. “The figures show that even when driving freely and at night only a minority feels comfortable at maximum speeds,” said IW traffic economist Thomas Puls.

For the study, the IW scientists reportedly evaluated data from motorway counting stations at sections without a speed limit in North Rhine-Westphalia over a period of around four months. Around 1.2 billion journeys were recorded on 1,762 lanes. (os)

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