Spotify: This new feature will help you build your playlists

The Swedish group presents a new feature for music lovers in need of inspiration.

Got a whole collection of Spotify playlists that you get bored of? Or maybe you’re struggling to find enough to feed them? Never mind, the music streaming service has got you covered with Enrich. This new feature will be used to spice up your playlists with a few additional songs, which match the desired musical mood. A great way to complete a lean list, or to introduce a little novelty into your musical routine.

No worries, however, the Swedish group is not going to break into your playlists to discreetly slip in the hottest hits of the moment. It will be necessary activate this function by pressing a dedicated button “Enrich”(Enhanced in the English version at least) which will appear at the top of the playlist.

The platform will automatically take care of recommending different pieces, which the algorithm estimates compatible with those you added yourself. In order not to disturb the balance and the dynamics of the original playlist, they will be randomly distributed and inserted with at least two interval tracks. In total, this feature can add up to thirty suggestions. Then you just have to decide whether or not to integrate them into your playlist with a single click.

A release next month

And if you don’t buy into the algorithm’s suggestions, that’s fine; even once the titles have been validated, this action will not be in no way permanent. The pieces thus added will be directly identifiable thanks to an icon that allows you to delete them individually. And for more extreme cases, a second press of the button will be enough to get rid of all the suggestions with one click.

At the time of this writing, we do not yet have a precise release date. The functionality will be deployed on Android and iOS over the next month; on the other hand, it will be necessary to subscribe to a Premium subscription to benefit from it.

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