Sweden inaugurates an 80-meter-high building … all in wood

20 floors entirely in wood, for a carbon neutral construction.

A new kind of tower has just appeared. It was inaugurated this week in northern Sweden in Skellefteå. 80 meters high with no less than 20 floors, it is one of the tallest in the world. According to Oskar Norelius, architect in charge of the construction of this tower, it took time to convince the local population, who are very skeptical of such a project. Finally the tower did see the light of day, and if Swedish detractors continue to criticize the building, it seems to have coaxed most of the country.

As for the tower itself, it is made up of a 1,200-seat performance hall, but also of a hotel, a library or an exhibition hall. A colossal construction project for Sweden, not really used to this kind of building.

350 meters of woodland in the heart of Tokyo

Despite its very imposing size, the Swedish tower is not the largest timber construction on the planet, the record is still held by the Mjøstårnet, an 85-meter tall Norwegian building. Another most impressive construction is the Hoho Wien, which overlooks the Austrian capital from the top of its 84 meters.

But all these projects could become ridiculous, while a skyscraper 350 meters high could see the light of day in the Japanese capital. In the heart of Tokyo, the city could indeed build a tower in CLT, a material made of compressed wood. In addition to being much more ecological than concrete and steel, the latter would also have the advantage of being more resistant to earthquakes. A very important point for the archipelago, regularly affected by earthquakes.

Wood: material of yesterday and tomorrow?

Abandoned at the beginning of the Middle Ages because it is too flammable, wood has been reborn from its ashes for a few years. Thanks to the latest technological prowess, it is now possible to produce buildings as strong as concrete, but with a definite advantage: a much smaller ecological footprint. Built with trees from renewable forests (where production is controlled and trees replanted) Scandinavian towers are today models of ecological housing. Intended to be carbon neutral, they are examples for the buildings of tomorrow.

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