the sneak peek of the autonomous van that will arrive in Hamburg in 2025

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles division and its partners Argo AI and MOIA, have presented at the Munich Hall the ID.Buzz AD– A prototype of the autonomous electric van that will officially debut at the Geneva Motor Show in early 2022 and that could be working in Hamburg in 2025.

Although slightly camouflaged, the exterior design of the prototype is practically definitive. Regarding its autonomous driving system, it comprises a complex set of sensors, software and computer platforms that allow the vehicle to know and control its environment at all times.

The most technological evolution of the endearing Bulli


Since was announced in 2017, the ID BUZZ concept was destined to show us the possibilities of the MEB platform for electric cars of the Volkswagen Group, betting on a design and a concept inspired by the iconic T1 – “Bulli”, for the Germans-, or the Transporter -Kombi- original. After a long wait, last June the ID. Buzz was seen with hardly any camouflage in the middle of the street.

Recently and in line with the majority of proposals seen in Munich regarding a more sustainable and autonomous future mobility, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has surprised with the ID.Buzz AD (Autonomous Driving) and its immediate plans, since if the calendar of the brand and its partners is fulfilled, this vehicle could reach production in just two years and be in operation in Europe by 2025.

The unit that the German manufacturer has shown in Munich is the first of the five prototypes that are currently in testing and it is expected that it can be part of mobility services such as the one that MOIA will offer soon.

This subsidiary, which has extensive experience in fleet management, is responsible for the largest shared electric transport service in Europe today. If the plans go ahead, the shared passenger service to be carried out in Hamburg on board the ID.Buzz will operate in four years.

For its part, Argo AI is the global autonomous driving technology company that forms the third pillar in the development of ID.Buzz AD, as it is responsible for the system that includes navigation maps, hardware, software and the cloud support infrastructure that powers the future electric van.

How the autonomous van works ID.Buzz AD


The complex autonomous driving system of the prototype ID.Buzz AD allows the vehicle to know at all times what is happening in a 360-degree environment.

The goal is for it to be able to detect the presence and predict the movements of both pedestrians, bicyclists or other vehicles and therefore have the ability to control the direction, brakes or engine as necessary to be able to move from one side to the other. safe way.

For this, the van is equipped with cameras, radars and long-range LIDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) sensors, which are located on the roof and are capable of detecting objects from a distance of more than 400 meters. It also has the ability to detect even the smallest light particles (single photon), so that objects with the lowest reflectivity, such as those colored black, do not go unnoticed by the system.

As revealed by the brand, the tests with the ID Buzz AD are taking place in the secure environment of the Argo AI development center in Neufahrn, near Munich.

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