the three verdicts that can be given when passing the ITV of the car

A tourism will have to go through the ITV for the first time at four years. Until he is ten years old, the review will be biannual. From there, you have to pass the ITV every year.

Like any exam, it can be passed or failed, but … What kind of grades are there on the ITV and what do they mean?

ITV qualifications

Itv Exterior

After completing the ITV we can obtain three types of assessment: favorable, unfavorable or negative.

  • Favorable MOT: The vehicle has passed the inspection. The car may have some minor defects that need to be repaired but will not impede circulation.
  • Unfavorable ITV: The car has had a serious defect that makes it not pass the inspection and that fault has to be fixed. Vehicle circulation is not allowed unless it is on the way between the ITV and the workshop.
  • Negative ITV: One or more defects have been found that endanger the safety of the driver or other drivers, so that car cannot circulate under any circumstances until that defect is fixed. It will be necessary to notify a tow truck to take the vehicle to the workshop and repair the fault. The return to the ITV will also have to be done by crane until it is certified in the inspection that this defect has been corrected.

In the case of not passing the inspection there is a deadline to return to the ITV. This period depends on each Autonomous Community but is usually between one and two months. This second inspection is free in almost all the Autonomous Communities, but within shorter periods than those allowed for the second inspection, exceeding these days, it will be necessary to pay for this second inspection.

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