This Death Stranding cosplay is absolutely stunning

In addition to being true to the look and props of Sam Bridges, the cosplayer even managed to find the perfect environment to recreate a live-action trailer.

The output of Death Stranding Director’s Cut fast approaching and it shows. This September 12, the Youtube channel Rescue the Princess !, known for her high-quality cosplays, posted a cutscene video of Death Stranding unprecedented, which ultimately turns out to be one of the best cosplays in the game.

In the role of Sam Bridges we find the cosplayer Raxy, who evolves in an environment worthy of a Hollywood movie. It also seems extremely familiar to us, since it looks exactly like the one used in the game of Hideo Kojima. See for yourself:

To find it, Raxy and his team didn’t have to go far, and only had to navigate to the volcanic island of Oshima. Located about a hundred kilometers off the coast of Tokyo, this island has only 8,000 inhabitants and boasts amazing desert landscapes. With its black volcanic rocks and a few tufts of grass, the island is the perfect copy of the post-apocalyptic United States depicted in Death Stranding.

Who knows, Hideo Kojima was perhaps inspired by his native country to create the so particular environment of his game? This wouldn’t be very surprising considering the visual potential of Oshima Island, which naturally exudes a sorry atmosphere. Even its black sand beaches seem to have been taken straight out of the game.

As a reminder, Death Stranding Director’s Cut is a revisited and completed version of the original title released in 2019. The game will be available only on PS5 from September 24th.

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