This is the Samsung patent for an S Pen with integrated camera

Samsung continues to amaze us with its ingenious patents. In this case, as revealed from LetsGoDigital, Samsung now has a new patent on an unconventional S Pen that makes it much more than just a simple on-screen writing mechanism.

In this way, Samsung does not abandon the many possibilities that optical pencils can offer once it has recently discontinued the Note line of mobiles, since on the one hand support for Samsung’s S Pen came to its most recent folding mobile phone models. , and on the other what we are going to see next.

In this sense, Samsung has devised a removable S Pen system that integrates a camera that could serve as a pop-up front camera, thus eliminating annoying perforations or notches on the screen, avoiding the integration of motorized mechanisms, and even also as a remote cameraTaking into account that the patent also refers to the integration in this device of a microphone and an actuator button.

To this we must add a different design to the usual S Pen, since This device would be larger, longer and wider, abandoning the cylindrical appearance for a flat design that would allow it to even have a support leg for greater creative possibilities.

The aforementioned publication indicates the possibility of being able to use different cameras with different lenses optionally under this S Pen system devised by Samsung, so there may be the possibility that different versions of the same stylus could reach the market, although we remember that at the moment it is a patent, it remains to be seen if it is later materialized in products or is only kept as a registered idea .

Logically, this S Pen concept would also have a wireless connection with the mobile or other devices, which would be via WiFi, Bluetooth or even via NFC. On the other hand, it would also have functions that can be activated by applying different gestures with the device over the air, which would expand the possibilities of use.

At the moment it is difficult to believe in the possibility that a device of these characteristics may exist, although we must not lose sight of the fact that it will depend in your case on the launch of a phone model mobile specificTherefore, without the Note line, it would have to be other mobile lines that would take over in the event that Samsung decides to implement it.

Via / image: LetsGoDigital

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