Use your iPhone or ride a motorcycle? It will be necessary to choose

All riders of two-wheelers, who use their iPhone for guidance, risk being lost!

Notice to bikers and other scooter riders: fixing your iPhone on your two-wheeler could permanently damage your headed smartphone. In any case, this is what Apple explains in a page d’assistance published on September 10, 2021.

“High horsepower motorcycle engines generate intense high amplitude vibrations, which are transmitted through the frame and handlebars.” Apple explains. “Long-term direct exposure to high-amplitude vibration in certain frequency ranges can degrade your iPhone’s performance and lead to lower quality of photos and videos. “

Is implicated the photo part of the iPhone, which includes an optical stabilization system and an autofocus, two elements sensitive to vibrations. Fix your iPhone on the handlebars of a motorcycle or a scooter (and even a electric scooter) would expose it to strong vibrations capable of lasting damage to the smartphone.

MacRumors has compiled some testimonials from two-wheeler drivers confirming these problems. On its support page, Apple simply recommends using “A vibration damping support. “ It remains to be seen why the firm decides to put this support page online now, as it prepares to lift the veil on its new flagship, l’iPhone 13.

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