“We are not going to ban the sale of cars that run on fossil fuels”

“We cannot impose what the green fanatics devised in the European Parliament.” This is how emphatically the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis, in statements collected by Autonews Europe.

babis has challenged the EU agreement to end the sale of new vehicles equipped with combustion engines by 2035: The Czech Republic will put its automotive industry before any plan.

The Skoda household will not subsidize the manufacture of electric cars


“We will not accept the ban on the sale of vehicles that run on fossil fuels,” said the Czech prime minister. The plan is to make the issue a priority in the second half of 2022, when Babis assumes the rotating presidency of the EU, currently held by Slovenia.

Despite the country, home to brands like Skoda, will support the expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric cars, has warned that it will not finance its production.

Eastern countries, such as the Czech Republic or Poland, they’ve been blocking deals to reduce the average CO₂ emissions due to the weight of fossil fuels in their economies.

At the other extreme have positioned Sweden, Luxembourg, Ireland, Slovenia and France, which has led the groups with the most ambitious objectives, against an indecisive Germany.

In the case of the Czech Republic, where in addition to Skoda Toyota and Hyundai manufacture vehicles, the automobile industry represents almost a third of the economy.

The European Commission released in July its package of measures aimed at bringing Europe to carbon neutrality by 2050, and which imply that car manufacturers reduce CO₂ emissions from their new cars and vans by 55% from 2030 with respect to the 2021 levels and that are equivalent to zero as of 2035.

That means They will only be able to manufacture vehicles equipped with batteries, either pure electric or fuel cell. Governments such as Italy, the birthplace of some of the most iconic European supercars, have started talks with the Commission of the European Union to protect brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini, and give them more time.

A somewhat more diplomatic way of saying “we don’t agree with your rules.”

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