What Zoom will bring to its platform, including integration with virtual reality

Zoom has just presented the wave of news that it will bring to its platform over time. As indicated in their presentation event Zoomtopia 2021, held today Monday, by the end of next year expand transcription capabilities to 30 new languages, in addition to offering live translations in up to 12 languages ​​for paid plan customers, although it has not specified which languages ​​will be supported with the expansion of the transcripts or for the live translations.

Closer, By the end of this year, Zoom will bring an enhanced whiteboard experience, enabling asynchronous collaboration capabilities across a wide range of devices, offering a more engaging and optimized experience.

There will be no shortage of approaches towards the hybrid working model

As part of this, and in association with Oculus, of Facebook, Zoom’s enhanced Whiteboard experience It will also have its corresponding integration with Oculus Horizons Workrooms, expanding the new capabilities to environments virtual reality, although we will have to wait until the beginning of next year for the integration to become a reality.

At the messaging level, Zoom Chat will receive interesting improvements, such as the new group view for Zoom Chat channels that will arrive over the next few months, in addition to integrations with cloud storage services such as SharePoint and Box, which will arrive at the end of the year, and other new features, part of which will arrive this month, such as the format of rich text and custom note.

The improvements of the workspaces could not be missed considering the incipient hybrid work model, including Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery, now in public beta, that using Artificial Intelligence, create individual video streams for participants in the room, seeking that remote participants feel practically the same as if they were in person; and the possibility of reserving desks and workspaces, and in some cases also seats, according to the recommendations of Zoom Artificial Intelligence.

The expansion of the compatible hardware as well as the rest of the news are reflected in the official announcement of the company.

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