Yes, you can use water as a coolant, but only in very specific cases

The coolant It is essential for the operation of the engine of our car, since in addition to keeping it warm, it allows it to work at optimum performance.

More common, cheaper, we can find it anywhere … Can water be used as a coolant for our car? The answer in 99% of cases will be no, in this article we tell you why.

Differences between water and coolant


Water is a good coolant, but it is not explicitly made to cool a car. Here we tell you what characteristics the cooling liquids have that water does not have:

  • Absorbs heat much more and has the highest boiling point (the water has it at 100 ºC). All this allows to increase the cooling capacity of the system avoiding overheating and other problems. In addition, we avoid the change of size due to the changes of the pieces due to the change in temperature that can lead to wear.
  • The freezing point of refrigerants is lower. Water freezes at 0 ° C and its surface expands, which can cause problems and breakage inside the engine.
  • Have components that help regulate temperature such as monoethylene glycol, monopropylene glycol or glycol.
  • Contains additives that stabilize the product, protect from foaming and even help identify leak points.
  • Unlike water, it has no corrosive or harmful elements for the car’s cooling circuit, such as oxygen itself or lime.

But, So it is not possible to pour water into the refrigerant circuit? In an emergency, yes. If we have to drive and there is a loss of coolant it is better to pour water than not to add anything and end up breaking the engine. In fact, it is better to add water than coolants of other properties than we have.

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