A Youtubeur creates a superb Mario Kart arcade machine made entirely of cardboard

DanCreator, an Internet user already known for his cardboard creations, delivered his in-house interpretation of this particularly iconic arcade machine.

In 2018, Nintendo launched Labo, a funny hybrid concept between video games and construction activity. These ingenious toys, sold as kits compatible with the Nintendo Switch, first piqued the curiosity of fans before falling a little into oblivion. Unfortunately, Nintendo has not extended this original range for a few years now. But some, it seems, liked the idea so much that they chose to push it to its limits; this is the case with YouTuber DanCreator. In a video spotted by Gizmodo, he designed a real functional Mario Kart arcade machine out of cardboard!

To achieve this, he started with a simple Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit. This is indeed the ideal starting point since it contains a steering wheel, a pedal or a joystick. He then added a whole host of equipment, starting with the famous Nintendo Switch, hidden in the bowels of the machine. This is connected to a standard monitor, placed on a base reinforced by two wooden slats for more security.

Finally, the electronic part is completed by a set of speakers and decorative LEDs. The biggest difference is certainly in the game itself; the Arcade version is in fact not available to the general public, and the author has therefore opted for Mario Kart Deluxe 8 instead of Mario Kart Arcade GP DX.

Full box

But the most impressive is certainly the cardboard enclave; this looks like two drops of water to the original. From the top panel to the steering wheel, including the side notches or the checkered pattern on the dashboard, almost everything is there! Granted, a coat of white paint would still be missing as a final touch, but we can only applaud the effort at reproduction.

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If you’re the handyman and nostalgic type at the same time, this could be a cool project to keep busy on a long, rainy Sunday. And all for a relatively affordable price; in the information below his video, the author explains that he spent about $ 150 in materials. A price which certainly excludes the console and the TV, but which remains extremely reasonable compared to an original terminal; these exceed cheerfully the 10,000 $, and for versions less vintage.

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