After Facebook, Xiaomi is also launching its connected glasses

The Chinese manufacturer presented a pair of connected glasses. What to compete head-on with Facebook and its Stories.

Just a few days ago Facebook and Ray-Ban formalized the Stories, a pair of connected glasses designed for social network addicts. Despite the lack of mixed reality on GAFAM’s new wearable, the concept, still in the development phase, has not failed to shake up the market. To the point of inspiring competition.

After Mark Zuckerberg, it’s up to the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi to tackle connected glasses. The company has confirmed that it is currently working on an object capable of displaying notifications, as well as taking photos via its built-in device, making calls, and even translating text in real time. Just before the official presentation of the 11T, this new project called Xiaomi Smart Glass promises to surpass Facebook Stories, by getting closer to Hololens de Microsoft.

For its Smart Glass, Xiaomi thus provides for the integration of a Micro LED panel equipped with pixels of only 4µm, directly into the lenses of the glasses. A device that will undoubtedly pose a problem for users requiring visual correction, but which will ensure that the device retains a classic eyewear design. To ensure maximum brightness, the brand also indicated that it would be a monochrome screen capable of reaching 2 million nits. The chip intended to power the wearable will be integrated directly into the frame. The glasses will also be equipped with a SoC ARM quad core, a 5 Mpx sensor, a battery, a touchpad for commands, as well as a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. The whole should not exceed 51 grams.

After the remote wireless charging and others foldable smartphones, Xiaomi continues to offer ever more innovative product concepts, undoubtedly with the aim of establishing itself in the long term as one of the major players in the tech-savvy market. More than just connected glasses, the Chinese brand now hopes to market a complete and autonomous device capable of punctually replacing a smartphone. However, no rush: Xiaomi has confirmed that it is currently in the research phase on its Smart Glass, but no release date has not yet been announced. We will probably have to wait a few more years to see this type of wearable become more popular.

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