Amazon Kindle Update Offers New Reading Experience

In the coming weeks, Amazon will release a software update for its Kindle models (8th generation, Paperwhite 7th generation and Oasis). According to the technology giant, this update will offer an easier and more intuitive reading experience.

The company also announced a second update that should reach users by the end of this year.

But what’s new for the Kindle device? Now users can adjust screen brightness, access all settings via a slider menu and switch between airplane mode and Bluetooth.

A new lower navigation menu will also be available that allows users to switch between the book they are reading, the library and the home page.

A second update with more news

Amazon Kindle

In turn, the second update will continue to focus on creating a renewed reading experience. To do this, it will include new filter and sort menus in the library functionality. With this update it will also be possible to view new collections in an interactive bar and access up to 20 recently read books with a simple swipe to the left on the home page.

The news of Kindle updates comes at a time when there are rumors that Amazon may release the Kindle Paperwhite 5 later this year. Data leaks indicate a larger screen with 6.8 inches, 32GB of internal storage and 4G connectivity.

The origin of these leaks of information are, above all, Chinese technology forums. All because the Kindle paperwhite 5 displays may be mass-produced at a factory in Yangzhou, eastern China.

Also in the field of digital reading, remember that in April Amazon Audible included a new feature that allows iOS users to buy audiobooks directly from the application, without having to navigate to the website.

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