Apple September Event – Apple Watch Series 7 officially unveiled

Today is the day. In its September event, Apple officially introduced the new Watch Series 7 series.

Apple Watch Series 7 – Bigger and Better

We had been expecting it for the past few weeks and today Apple officially presented the Apple Watch Series 7 in its September event. As always, Apple places a high value on activity and health functions.

To this end, the company has added some new functions or expanded or optimized existing ones. The Apple Watch Series 7 has now implemented automatic training recognition when cycling. The watch recognizes the beginning of a tour, pauses automatically and ends the training independently. In addition, the fall detection was also added to the bike mode, because falls occur more often there and the function can be very helpful to call for help if you are alone or someone in a group is seriously injured. In addition, the e-bike will be more integrated in the Apple Watch Series 7 and tracking will be improved with certain algorithms.

As expected, something about the Retina display will also change. Not only is it 20 percent larger than that of the Apple Watch Series 6, but it also has more space because the frames are just 1.7 mm thick. That is 40 percent less than the previous model. The clock is not angular as we expected. In addition, the buttons are bigger. Compared to its predecessor, 50% more text fits on the display. The Apple Watch Series 7 can even display a full keyboard.

The battery of the Apple Watch Series 7 should last 18 hours. You can upload from 0 to 80% in just 45 minutes. The Apple Watch Series 7 also offers dust and water resistance. The Apple Watch Series 7 comes in 5 new aluminum colors.

The Apple Watch starts at $ 399. You cannot pre-order the Apple Watch yet. But only later this fall.

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