Big Three versus Tesla, Toyota and Honda: Dispute over e-car funding in the USA

In the USA there is a dispute over a planned additional funding of Electric cars inflamed. A Democratic proposal calls for an additional $ 4,500 government grant for electric cars built by unionized workers in the United States. The UAW said “American tax dollars should be paid for products here”.

According to the current state of affairs, this additional subsidy would only apply to cars made by the major US manufacturers General Motors (GM), Ford and Chrysler, as only their workers are unionized.

Tesla boss Elon Musk responded on Twitter and wrote that the planned incentives would probably come from the pen of UAW and Ford lobbyists. Ford builds electric cars in Mexico. It is therefore not clear how the promotion of these vehicles “serves American taxpayers”.

Ford wants to build e-cars in the USA

Toyota also complained that the plans put nearly half of US auto workers at a disadvantage because they are not unionized. Honda made a similar statement. The manufacturer also has several US plants, but their workers are not organized in a union.

Compared to “Reuters”, Ford opposed that Ford would manufacture the F-150 Lightning and the electric Transit in the USA. In addition, “a lot more would come”. Chrysler’s parent company said the proposed subsidy would “boost the market by making electric vehicles affordable to more Americans.”

The bill is due to be dealt with on Tuesday. It’s part of a $ 3.5 trillion budget.

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