Endesa drops the MWh below 60 euros after the Naturgy and Iberdrola offensive

Naturgy opened the ban offering an electricity rate at half price, at 60 euros per MWh. And this has caused other companies to respond. First was Iberdrola setting a fixed price for five years. And the next to get on the boat has been Endesa, offering change in your Single Rate, which will also put your half rate.

And it is that the price of electricity continues to rise in Spain and today it has once again set a new historical record with a price of 153.45 euros per MWh.

They offer the invoice at half price


With this modification of Endesa’s Single Rate, it intends to beat the price that Naturgy has proposed. The company offers a price of 58 euros per MWh compared to the 60 euros per MWh announced by Naturgy.

From Endesa they detail that consumers who are covered by the Small Consumer Voluntary Price (PVPC) and opt for this plan will be able to benefit from it for two years. In other words, the amount to be paid per MWh will remain at half -or more than half depending on which day- of what the pool currently marks.

With the new contract of Naturgy, customers would pay the MWh at 60 euros instead of the more than 120 euros that have been paid in recent weeks. They claim to be able to offer this price during 24 months and without additional conditions or permanence.

The offer of Iberdrola it is different from the one presented by the other two companies. The plan of this company goes through a custom pricing battery and stable in a period of five years for consumers of the free and regulated market with less than 10 KW of contracted power.

A tariff war between power companies in which customers could benefit because the final price offered by the companies is lower and could be reflected in a lower invoice.

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And it comes at a time when you want to promote the use of electric cars and plug-in hybrids, which could be a good incentive to opt for this type of vehicle.

As a result of this, the Government wants cut the windfall profits from electric to lower the electricity and gas bills to consumers and thus pay less on the bill.

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