Facebook would allow celebrities to avoid moderation

The social network would have knowingly authorized public figures to exceed the moderation rules initially put in place.

Facebook is it lax with celebrities ? While the social network has banned Donald Trump several months ago, and that it regularly welcomes moderating content deemed problematic, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has also set up an additional moderation tool intended for the most influential Internet users. Baptized XCheck, this “Cross-checking” In theory, Facebook would provide greater control over reported celebrity posts. The device would thus aim to avoid the bad press that could generate an unjustified censorship on the social network, and thus “to avoid the errors”, according to a spokesperson of the company. In fact, believes the Wall Street Journal at the origin of a survey published this week, it would mainly be a question of allowing influential personalities to override the general rules applied by the company in terms of moderation. VIP preferential treatment of sorts.

5.8 million celebrities affected

Thus, only 10% of publications affected by the XCheck program would have been actually reviewed by moderators, reports the Wall Street Journal. The rest would have simply been ignored by Facebook. According to the survey, the 5.8 million personalities “influential” affected by XCheck would include former President of the United States Donald Trump, but also Senator Elizabeth Warren, or political commentator Candace Owens. The football star Neymar would have also benefited from several privileges, in particular in 2019 when he published several revenge porn photos of a young woman who accused him of rape, before finally deleting his publication. No sanction had been applied by Facebook, even though the footballer should logically have seen his account deleted. Asked about these privileges, Facebook indicated that it had already identified “Some problems”, and that he had since tried to resolve them. The GAFAM also justified its choice by indicating that XCheck made it possible toapply its rules more precisely about “Content that needs more understanding”.

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