Fortnite: weapons, battle pass, skins … Everything you need to know about season 8

Season 8 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite begins with great fanfare today and already offers new content to its players.

After a closing event for season 7 of his battle royale, which marked the return of the giant purple Cube, Epic Games unveiled all the new features that await players for the season 8 of Fortnite, called Incubation. Discover here the offer of the battle pass, the skins and other accessories that will be added in the coming weeks.


After Slone’s betrayal and the final battle against the aliens in Season 7, players now find themselves facing an army of purple cubes scattered all over the island, but especially near the mothership. Epic Games explains that they have “ began to spread their corruption and open portals to detours, dark dimensions populated by monsters. Fight for the survival of the island … Before it’s too late ».


One of the characteristic aspects of this season is the presence of detours, alternative dimensions as dangerous as they are useful. When you enter a detour zone, you have to fight a myriad of enemies, the cube monsters, in order to get rewards such as weapons or special materials. However, inside a detour you will no longer be able to use your constructions to protect yourself, so be careful where you put your feet.

The cubes also brought with them some of the strangest technology, which is damaging the environment around them. In particular, there are Shadowstones which, if you consume them, will turn you into a ghost. Likewise, grayling fish now seem to populate the island’s waters, but we do not yet know what the consequences are.

Battle pass and skins

The Season 8 Battle Pass uses the same functionality introduced in season 7. As you level up, you get stars that you can choose to keep or spend as you see fit. So, you can wait until you reach the last levels to offer yourself a reward that is dear to you without going through those that do not interest you.

On the skin side, Epic Games has unveiled some of the next faces to come, first on Twitter and then on its site. We were therefore able to meet Fabio Bellecrinière, JB Chimpanski, or a woman with a look inspired by Demon Slayer. We will also note the imminent arrival of Carnage, a skin bearing the effigy of Venom which celebrates the theatrical release of the second eponymous film.

Moreover, Epic Games has not yet unveiled the next crossovers that were to arrive. We notice all the same that on the promotional photos of the skins of season 8, a piece of QR code is hidden on the images. We can therefore think that a fourth of the same kind will be used to reconstruct the puzzle and that it will give rise to a collaboration of the most important for Fortnite.


This season, several new weapons are coming into play. There is for example the Rifle of the detours and the Minigun of the detours, upgradeable thanks to the materials recovered in the detours. We will also see the return of several weapons such as the Automatic Sniper Rifle and the Harpoon Gun.

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