Hawkeye: “hood” trailer for the Disney + series

Clint Barton is preparing for the next generation with his Hawkeye series. Scheduled for next November on Disney +, the new production of the House of Ideas is revealed in a first trailer.

The respite was short-lived for Disney + subscribers. As the MCU makes a strong comeback in theaters, the House of Ideas continues to expand its universe on the small screen. Only a few months after the end of Loki, Marvel unveils its new production dedicated this time to Hawkeye. The character, played by Jeremy Renner, is expected to bid farewell to the Avengers. But, before completely hanging up the bow and putting his arrows away in the cupboard, Clint Barton will train the relief.

The Christmas movie takes a new turn in Hawkeye. While celebrating the end of the year holidays with all his family, Clint Barton discovers that a little clever has fun to usurp his identity as Ronan and terrorizes the city. Determined to confront the thug, he decides to put aside all the festivities the time to settle the situation.

Hawkeye is gonna kick some c *** for Christmas

The plot, directly inspired by Christmas classics, adds a little dose of action to the recipe. Instead of fireside conversations, our two heroes will navigate brawls and explosions in New York City, decorated for the occasion. The first images also give us a first glimpse of the atmosphere of the film, which makes us think of a mixture Mom I missed the plane and Die Hard.

On the plot side, we can also expect some twists. Indeed, the post-credit scene of Black Widow hinted that Natasha Romanoff’s little sister, played by Florence Pugh, was going to have a head in the series. It remains to be seen if she too will want to do battle with the archer. In any case, make it November 24 on Disney+ to discover the Marvel-style Christmas story.

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