How to play from Telegram without installing anything else

Telegram has a huge number of bots that perform tasks of all kinds, from introducing themselves to a potential client to finding multimedia files or playing games.

As far as games are concerned, we have several options, and today I present two of them quite popular.

@gamee: Just type @gamee in any chat, even one with just you, to be able to access a wide variety of simple games. They are games that remind of those flash that invaded the internet for years. In this video From our Instagram there is an example of what can be found, from the karateka hitting the log before the wood is crushed to games where less skill and more strategy are required.

In this case, when invoking the bot, you exit the chat and open a conversation with the bot, from where it is possible to play alone or with friends.


@inlinegamesbot: more oriented to group games. You can call the bot within a group chat and wait for someone else to play the game with you. There are classic games, like four in a row, checkers, three in a row or rock, paper and scissors, nothing special, but entertaining, and without having to leave the chat.

games for telegram

@gamebot: a classic within Telegram games. It is a bot that offers everything from math battles to games of skill and reflexes. There are not many options, at the moment they only offer three.


To make this possible, the Gaming Platform 1.0 is used, capable of running HTML5 games for developers to integrate their games, made with web technology, within the messaging service.

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