If you need acceleration in your startup, watch the AticcoLab program

This September several startup acceleration projects, and from here we will talk about each one of them.

Today I present the third call for the acceleration program of AticcoLab, ideal for startups that already have a defined project and need that push to grow and become a success.

The program offers support and advice for five months, as well as contact with entrepreneurs, investors and professionals from the innovation. It is possible to send the data until September 26 in this link.

When they comment that it is necessary to have a defined project, they mean that the following points must be met:

– Startups that have expansive growth plans.
– Startups that have a Minimum Viable Product already available in the market.
– Startups that can present metrics and that they have a billing forecast.
– Startups that are led by people that can dedicate themselves to full time to the project.

About the phase, it can be seed or growth. Seed is understood when there has not yet been financing and the business model is being validated, while growth is when there has already been a first round, and the business model is already validated, now being the phase of growing and looking for other markets .

The advantage of accelerating is that it is possible, after these five months, to enter a financing round, something that otherwise may take more than a year.

The selected startups will be able to have weekly accompaniment meetings, access to training programs, the possibility of disseminating content, accessing advantages in technology services, having coworking spaces in Aticco centers and participating with groups of investors.

If you are interested, acceded to this link and click on the “registration” button.

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