Intuit to buy Mailchimp for $ 12 billion

Big surprise in the world of Marketing Digital, a sector full of great protagonists and led by the giant Mailchimp when we talk about Email Marketing and the digital presence of SMEs.

Intuit, the company responsible for one of the most famous accounting programs in the world, has communicated that will buy Mailchimp for about $ 12 billion, in cash and in shares.

The agreement will be finalized at the end of 2022, this being the largest in Intuit’s history, followed by the purchase of the personal finance portal Credit Karma that it bought months ago for almost 7 billion.

The two companies began discussing the purchase more than a year ago, and they have already been made public.

As they comment and ReutersThe point of buying a digital marketing platform like Mailchimp is to be able to include information and features to track expenses in your Quickbooks platform.

With this integration they will be able to cross the customer’s data with the data of the purchases made, all based on Mailchimp’s ability to track emails.

Mailchimp was founded in 2001, although it was in 2007 that they became dedicated to the service of email marketing for small businesses. Today it has more than 12 million customers worldwide, with $ 800 million in revenue in 2020.

After the acquisition it will continue to work with its brand, since the Intuit program, including the famous TurboTax (helps to file income tax returns) and QuickBooks (to manage payments), are widely used in the United States, but not outside , while the majority of Mailchimp’s business occurs outside of that country.

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