it is becoming more and more expensive to move goods by ship

The automotive sector is currently facing two major challenges: global semiconductor shortage and the silent increased cost of maritime transport, a problem that has been aggravated by the pandemic and that already affects the affected global supply chains.

According to data from the Drewry World Container Index, the cost of shipping a 40-foot container from Shanghai to Los Angeles has reached over $ 11,500: eight times more than before the pandemic.

Manufacturers’ pitfalls for shipping goods


With a scenario of uncertainty, spiced by the lack of essential elements such as microchips, stoppages in production and the increased demand for goods outside Asia, the container transport tries to maintain the irregular rhythm with traffic jams in the main ports.

In China there are a large number of containers that are not being shipped due to the outbreaks of the Delta variant, while empty containers do not leave the United States quickly enough, which also causes a shortage, as explained from the Erasmus Center of Urban, Port and Transport Economy.

Precisely these constant interruptions are making raise the cost of shipping, to the point that the third largest container shipper in the world has decided to freeze its prices for five months so that they do not continue to rise.

70% of the goods that make up world trade is transported on board ships and shipped through seaports around the world, constituting a barometer of the global economic climate.

And it will be the consumer who will see -and is seeing- impacted on the price of those goods this situation. Manufacturers such as BMW or Mercedes-Benz have already warned that they will keep their prices high even when the microchip crisis ends.

And they are seeing that their customers are not only willing to wait months to buy their products, but that they tolerate price increases well.

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