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The two workshop outfitters AVL Ditest and Maha want to expand their exhaust technology business through a cooperation.


Cooperation partners: (from left) Gerhard Illek (AVL Ditest) Michael Amann (Maha), Gerald Lackner (AVL Ditest), Stefan Fuchs (Maha) and Ralf Kerssenfischer (AVL Ditest). (Photo: AVL / Maha)

The two workshop outfitters AVL Ditest and Maha are moving closer together and cooperating in the field of exhaust gas measurement technology. In the future, Maha will integrate the exhaust gas measurement technology from AVL Ditest into its test lanes and add it to its product portfolio. Maha will sell AVL products under its own logo. “Decisive for the cooperation are not only the products, but also the …

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